‘Remember Love’ Film Shoot
April 13, 2015

Two Saturdays ago, exactly one week after the birth of my second son, River Raine, I woke up at the crack of dawn, grabbed some food and drove to a remote location in Grimsby, Ontario to meet up with a man named Zachary Ramelan who would be my co-director on Remember Love, the music video. Cinematographer Karl Janisse was also there awaiting my arrival along with actress Raven Cousins who would be my co-star.


We made our way into the woods where it was absolutely freezing, literally. The temperature was -9°C with a windchill of -20. I was wearing my grey peacoat and, even though I was able to hide many layers under it, I was still so cold. Raven, on the other hand, wore nothing but a thin cream colour dress while shooting our scenes. The contrast of our clothing in every regard looks great on film but she really was a trooper.


We shot our narrative until sunset then made our way to our second location for the performance thread. It was technically indoors but somehow the barn that we shot in was just as cold as outside minus the wind. When the video comes out, you’ll be able to see my breath leave my body with every exhalation. I was shivering in my cardigan and skinny jeans but it helped give a vulnerability and earnestness to the performance.


Despite the Winter conditions in Spring and my multiple days of recovery following the shoot, I truly had a lot of fun working with Zach, Karl and Raven. They are wonderful talented people that I plan to work with again very soon. I’m really looking forward to sharing this short film with everyone once it’s ready. I’m just putting some finishing touches to the edit then I’ll decide when to release this beauty. Stay tuned!


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