Midnight Soundtrack
September 25, 2015

Over five years ago, I secretly started working on Midnight Soundtrack – my electronic rock side project. It was around the same time I was preparing to release my Break Me EP in 2009. So, yeah, it’s been a while! Since my solo project always takes priority, I worked on Midnight Soundtrack’s debut album Foreplay sporadically over all these years and it comes out today! The album was entirely constructed between recording and releasing my debut solo album It’s Not an Excuse, It’s a Reason and accompanying documentary Walking Proof, touring, writing, starting a podcast, living life, and, what else? Oh yeah, getting married to my love, Chelsea, and becoming a dad… twice!

MS Press Photo FINAL-02
PRESS RELEASE Foreplay, the debut record from Midnight Soundtrack, is more than just a collection of irresistible electronic rock songs ranging from bangers to ballads. The record is a musical journey through one tumultuous night, from 11:59pm to the walk of shame the next morning. The intense all-nighter represents the cycle of any typical relationship, from that first spark to the fire that burns everything down – and the albumโ€™s ten tracks capture every step of the fallout.

Midnight Soundtrack is the electronic side project of award-winning singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli – an opportunity for Novelli to branch out musically from the pop rock he’s carved his niche in. If heโ€™s a bit of a mad scientist for self-producing a record in a genre he was a newcomer to, then this album is a shockingly successful experiment. But itโ€™s not just the digital elements that make Foreplay electric. With its raw sexuality and emotional twists and turns, the record holds you like an unfolding script as you feel the relationship build and fall apart around you – and the music matches the drama each step of the way. This is the story of one night. This is Midnight Soundtrack.

I created a lyric video for every song on the record – you can check out the ones I’ve released so far on the playlist above and the rest will be added over the next couple of weeks! I also recently did an interview which you can read here that explains a bit about how I approached the project differently than my solo work. I wanted it to be the opposite in every way from the music to the lyrics to the style to the aesthetic. If you like what you hear, you can order the album for only $7 here!

For all things Midnight Soundtrack, please visit: midnightsoundtrack.com


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