‘In the Mourning’ Film Shoot
May 24, 2015

Another month, another music video! May 2015 saw me dedicating three separate days to shoot a music video for In the Mourning just one month after filming a video for Remember Love. They’re both being released later this year and I’m really excited to share them with you considering it’s been a while since I’ve released a new music video!


The video features three distinct versions of myself roughly based on the three parts of the psychic apparatus (the id, ego and super-ego) as defined by the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. There are a lot of hidden meanings and dream imagery throughout the video so it should be a lot of fun to hear what you all make of it.


This is the second time I’ve ever worked on green-screen, the first time being a short experimental film I was in when I was in my early twenties called The Horrible Sounds and, basically, I get my head blown up. The director went on to be nominated for an Oscar – who knew? Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to see my head explode, watch it. Otherwise, wait for In the Mourning where I remain fully intact (although there are several versions of me!)


The music video is really unique and I think it suits the song well. I had a lot of fun co-directing it as I always do and working with my largest crew yet. Each and every person who was a part of making the video was a true pleasure to work with. Now, it’s time to take all the footage back to my place and get this baby edited and ready for release!

UPDATE: The music video is now fully edited and will be released later this year.


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